Peleton Bike, the new connected exercise bike that has conquered the United States

A home bike, a screen that offers thousands of live lessons, the possibility to chat remotely with the other riders in the peloton.

Men’s Health ranked it as “the best cardio machine”, Forbes proclaimed the brand as “one of the great fitness successes of recent years”. One Peloton was founded in 2012 and began selling its Peloton bicycles in 2014, and according to Forbes, by January 2019 it had 1 million subscribers.

The future of Spinning?

The trend of “indoor cycling” has changed the image of the exercise bike. Some sports halls offer intense training sessions of about 45 minutes, called Spinning, Cycling or Dynamo. The principle is simple: bicycles from apartments where you pedal in high doses while burning as many calories as possible.

This exercise bike fits perfectly into this trend. If it is such a success, it is because it is aimed at all levels but above all because it has a screen on which you can follow courses live or in replay made by professionals. It is possible to follow its performance and constants live.

The price of a bicycle is $2,245 (‘2,015), about 4 times more expensive than a conventional exercise bike. In addition, you must subscribe to a subscription of $49 (44 euros) per month.

Being in a squad while staying at home

The device offers to do sport with other people to motivate themselves, with a capacity of five other athletes who ride at the same time as the user. The bike screen displays a ranking, showing precisely the result obtained and comparing it with the thousands of people who have taken the same course.

A camera and microphone are integrated at the top of the screen, which films and records throughout the session, allowing runners to chat with each other on video.

This raises the question of what exactly Peloton does with the vast amount of data it must generate to record the statistics of your cycle.